L'oeuvre Unique

I’m one of those persons who had the chance, their whole lives, to meet good people. I consider that the exchange of individuals is a source of happiness, inspiration and sharing. I had this feeling when I first met the director of the CRR of Nice, Thierry Muller. 

This couldn’t have been done without the support of André Chauvet (culture deputy of Nice) who is really supportive towards our beautiful project. 

Things came naturally during this first encounter with Laurent Blanquart, teacher at the National Sup of Paris and at the CRR of Nice. 

We were talking about the feasibility of the project, dates, future organisation and we also talked about the international contest. 

Of course, the discussion ended up, as always in these cases, with us talking about music. Music that moves us, that takes our breath away. 

The idea of a collaboration directly came during the discussion and Laurent smartly suggested that it inclines towards music said « French ». 

Thierry knew how to give us a foretaste of his talent by making us hear one of his recorded œuvre. I must admit things went very fast : next thing I knew, I was ordering his composition. 

With the close collaboration of Laurent Blanquart, who allowed the guitaristic practicability, we had the pleasure of discovering a rich œuvre, with a magnificent construction which gives an inestimable impetus, a founding base for this first Presti-Lagoya international contest. 

I genuinely and amicably thank Thierry Muller who allowed the growth of the guitar repertoire and, I’m sure of it, will allow this œuvre to go all around the world. 

I’ll finish with this anecdote, a special wink to my dear grand-mother Ida Presti, by sliding a small 

part of the study n°2 in the « Suite » in honour of her work, a collaborative work between past and 



                                                                                                          Isabelle Presti

EH 32.1 TM - Thierry Muller - Suite pour