The examining board is formed by renowned professional musicians, chosen by the arts department, who will be pleased to be surrounded by a multi-generational team. 


The members of the board who have kept pedagogical or professional relationships with one or several contestants during the year preceding the contest will have to notify it at the closing of the inscriptions. 


In this case, they won’t take part in the vote for the people concerned. 


The contestants list will be given to each member of the board who’ll have to sign a statement that testifies that they know the name of one or several contestants. 


The choice of the board will be final. The vote will be done in a secret ballot. The board can interrupt the contestant’s performance at any moment. 


The members of the board reserve the right to not attribute the price in its entirety, no claim can be done. The board will ponder as the outcome of each trial, their decisions are final. 


In case of litigation, the president’s vote will be doubled. 

Our jury will be composed of: 

Frédéric Zigante : 


 Known for his versatile activity, which combines research, concert activity, records and teaching (CA graduate), always far from the commonplace attributed to the guitar, this artist with many hats develops his activity on the original literature for guitar.

- He also directs the Presti-Lagoya collection at Berben and the "The best of" collection at Eschig.


Annabel Montesinos  :

 She is the youngest winner (17 years old) of the Francisco Tárrega International Guitar Competition in Spain.

He is a leading figure in classical guitar throughout the world.

- Anabel has an internationally renowned career including a rich and varied repertoire allowing for different concerts for solo guitar and orchestra, two guitars and orchestra and chamber music. 

- She is also regularly invited to guitar festivals as a jury member in international competitions.

Toufic Maatouk:

-Artistic Director of the Beirut International Festival and the Chamber Music Season of the Antonine University Choir Choir (Lebanon), Doctor of Musicology at the Instituto Pontificio di Musica sacra in Rome, internationally renowned conductor, he travels the world collaborating with Carnegie Hall (NY), the Paris Opera Academy, the Barhein International Festival, the Teatro di Roma (Rome)...

Thibault Garcia :


- 1st prize at the GFA International Competition, Oklahoma City (United States) 2015.
- 1st prize in the international "Jose Tomas" competition, Petrer (Spain) 2014.
- 1st prize in the international competition "Ana Amalia", Weimar (Germany) 2011.

- Many MasterClass
- International concert performer 
- In 2016 he joined Warner Classics exclusively for CD recording

Jérémy Jouve : 

- A fervent ambassador of the classical guitar throughout the world, "Jérémy Jouve" multiplies international tours and recordings with a single objective: to make the classical guitar rhyme with modernity.

- Conservatory Prize at 13 years old

- Winner of the GFA International Guitar Competition in Mexico at 24 years old

- Professor at the Geneva Conservatory and ardent defender of the classical guitar repertoire

Thierry Muller : 


- Holder of the C.A. of Director of an Approved Municipal School of Music and the CA of Director of National Schools of Music and Dance.

- Since 1997 Thierry Muller has been awarded numerous composition prizes.

- Director of the Conservatoire à rayonnement Régional de Grenoble in 2011, he is now 

  Director of the Conservatoire de Nice since February 2016.

Isabelle Presti : 

- A state-certified professor, she has been teaching at the Beaulieu-sur-Mer Intercommunal Conservatory for almost 20 years.

 She performs mainly in chamber music with Carine Messina (Flute) and Laurent Blanquart (Guitar)

- She is invited by the most important international festivals on the theme: "Ida Presti, her Life, her Art" as a Lecturer and Jury.