1rst International Competition Presti-Lagoya

From the 10th to 12th May 2019


Art. 1 - Organizer


The "Presti-Lagoya" association organises the first edition of the "Presti-Lagoya" Contest in Nice, in partnership with the municipality of Nice, the Pierre Cochereau Conservatory, the Nice Opera House, and will take place on May 10th, 11th and 12th 2019 in Nice, Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur, France.



The contest applies to soloist guitarists of all nationalities.
The age limit is fixed to 32 years old at the date of the contest.
The competition management alone is empowered to decide on the admission of contestants, after examining their applications.
Contestants admitted to participate will be notified individually by email.



The number of contestants will be limited to 24


Art.4 - Registration formalities

Each contestant must fill in a registration request form and comply with the complete rules via the electronic form or by email.

  • ⁃  For the first round of the competition, please send the link that will allow to view your musical performance before April 10th , 2019 (midnight).

  • ⁃  To create your file, please provide:

a)  A photocopy of a valid identity document or passport.

b)  Photocopies of any possible diploma and two written recommendations, specifically for the competition, by two recognised musicians or teachers.

c)  Curriculum vitae in French or English.

d)  The detailed program with timing of each event.

e)  A recent photograph of good resolution to use in official publications.

f)  The registration form duly completed and signed.

g)  A form containing personal data, e-mail address and telephone numbers

that are still active.

h)  The payment of the registration fee of €70 by cheque, payable to the association "Presti - Lagoya" non-refundable, or Paypal on the website  https://www.presti-lagoya.com

 Applicants must send this amount net of any bank charges.

i)  The registration form will only be validated after it has been received before April 10th 2019 by email: concours@presti-lagoya.fr

j)  Registration implies the unconditional acceptance of the rules in all their parts (image rights, registration fees, etc.)





Video test viewed by the jury. The video must be sent before  April 10th  ; 2019 via Youtube or any other digital means, without interruption or editing.
Maximum 10 minutes of free program.
Works of your choice, executed from memory.

The jury will take into account not only the quality of the interpretations but also the level and interest of the programmes presented by each candidate. The results will be announced on  April 12th 2019.


Public semi-final:

The selected contestants will be welcomed in Nice at the Conservatory on Friday May 10h 2019 from 8:30 am.
The candidates will have to perform a composition by Ida Presti or Alexandre Lagoya, the requirement of the 1st International Presti-Lagoya Competition "Suite for Guitar by Thierry Muller (Editions Habanera)"https://www.editionshabanera.com/boutique/guitare-seule/suite-pour-guitare- thierry-muller.html

It is recalled that the use of photocopies is prohibited.


Public finale:

The contestants selected for the final will play on Saturday, May 11th 2019 in the Music Conservatory auditorium.
The order of performance will be established by random drawing and communicated to the finalists.

The final program must include the compulsory and a free program of maximum 15 minutes.

Thierry Muller's imposed will be performed at the Opéra de Nice for the gala morning by the winner.


The jury will be composed of renowned professional musicians, chosen by the artistic direction, who will be keen to surround themselves with a multigenerational team.
Members of the jury who have maintained educational or professional relations with one or more contestants during the year preceding the competition must make this known at the time of the closing date for entries.

In this case, they will not take part in the vote for the persons concerned.
The list of contestants will be given to this effect to each member of the jury who will have to sign a declaration attesting to the knowledge or not of one or more contestants.
The jury's assessment is final.
Voting shall be by secret ballot.
The jury may interrupt the competitor's performance at any time.
The members of the jury reserve the right not to award the entire prize, no claim can be made. The jury will deliberate at the end of each round, its decisions will be final.
In the event of a dispute, the President's vote will count double.


Art.7-Voting Method

The competitors with the highest number of votes will be selected for the next round.


Prizes :

1st Prize: €1500, 5 concerts in Europe, 1 concert guitar specially created for the event by the famous French luthier Antoine Pappalardo, friend of Alexandre Lagoya. Savarez strings and accessories. Several musical editions.

2nd Prize: €800. Savarez strings and accessories, several musical editions.

3rd Prize: €500. Savarez strings and accessories. Several musical editions



The decisions of the jury are final.
The first prize is not mandatory. In the event of a tie, the jury will decide at its sole discretion to award the prizes according to the distribution they wish. Unattributed prizes will remain the property of the contest.


Art.9-Accomodation and travel expenses

Travel and accommodation are at the candidates expense.